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Killer Crushes
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Killer Crushes
Computer Requirements HD file sizes are quite large and will consume a lot of memory. A good video card and at least 1GB of RAM should be considered a requirement to play this video. Shared video memory should work if you have enough RAM memory. DO NOT try and stream this file. Download it first then play it. If the video stutters you might not have enough available memory and might have to close other programs.
Killer Crushes
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This page lists all the KillerCrushes updates. Check back here often to see what's new at KillerCrushes!

2010-11-21 - New Cali Calves Clip Added
This 5-1/2 minute clip features Cali Calves, who has some of the strongest legs in the world. She's new to wrestling, but her legs, upper-body strength, and athleticism make her a very tough match for the more experienced Tawny.
2010-11-19 - New Brandie Mae Clip Added
As promised, we are back with another exciting clip with the luscious Brandie Mae vs. Electra
2010-11-17 - New Tawny & Daniella Clip Added
Our 2 most skilled wrestlers, Tawny & Daniella, continue their epic battle in this clip.
2010-11-15 - New Miss Lisa Clip Added
Lisa is new to grappling, so her friend Julie, a world-renown crusher, offers to show her a few tricks.  
2010-11-13 - New Model Added - Miss Lisa
Miss Lisa is  hot bodybuilder/dominatrix from Las Vegas and although she's been a great athlete all her life, she'd never wrestled before joining the KillerCrushes lineup. With her incredible strength, athleticism, and tenacity, she's only going to get better and better in the months and years to come. 
2010-11-11 - New Model Added - Red Sonya
KillerCrushes is pleased to welcome the debut of Red Sonya, a 160-lb female bodybuilder whose 16-inch arms make her one of the most physically impressive Crushers ever. She's matched up against the highly experienced Mary J in her first match.
2010-11-10 - New Tawny Clip Added in VOD Store
Check out a great new clip featuring Tawny vs Mary J in the VOD store today.  No membership required!  NOTE: Members, this clip will be available to you tomorrow.
2010-11-09 - All New - Tawny vs Mary J
Super powerful Mary J faces off against the virtually unbeatable Tawny in this 5-1/2 minute crushfest.  Non-members will be able to purchase this clip in our VOD store tomorrow.
2010-11-08 - Brandi Mae vs Electra Clip Added
Brandi drags Electra around in a headscissor before winding up in another bodyscissor in part 5.  
2010-11-07 - Brandi Mae vs Electra Clip Added
Part 4 of this crush classic is now available. 
2010-11-06 - Brandi Mae vs Electra - Two New Clips
Two of the sexiest Crushers ever continue to get it on. Enjoy parts 2 & 3 of this 30-plus minute video. 
2010-11-05 - We're Finally Back!
Got a clip featuring KC newcomers Brandi Mae and Electra! This looks like the start of something good and expect to see a new clip or two from this video every day for the next week, along with clips of other exciting matches we've been filming the past couple of years.  Thanks so much to everyone for your patience.  Enjoy!
2010-06-28 - VOD - Tawny and Kent
Two new Tawny videos have been added to our Video On Demand page.  That damn Kent just never learns. 
2010-06-27 - Videos On Demand Now Available!

At long last, we're pleased to announce the opening of our Video On Demand section here at KillerCrushes.  These full-length downloads will range from about 4 minutes to about 30 minutes in length and will be available at low cost without having to worry about recurring membership fees.  And best of all, you get to select exactly what you want and download it immediately.  No more paying for a monthly site membership just to see a clip of one crusher and no more waiting - sometimes months - for a DVD to arrive in the mail. We will be adding new videos every month.  Sometimes, these videos will be the full-length versions of what has already appeared in the members' section and other times, the VOD customers will get the first peek.  It's all about giving you, the crush fans, what you want.  If you have any comments or questions, feel free to email us at

2010-05-30 - New Model Added - Julie
We're glad to be back and especially excited to be bringing one of the world's top crushers, Julie, to our roster. In her first entry, she introduces Kent to her painful legjail.  
2009-11-07 - New Tawny vs Daniella Clip Added
Oh, it's so good to be back. Enjoy this great new Tawny vs Daniella clip, which is over 6 minutes of non-stop action. The action intensifies in this clip as both women look to capitalize on rare openings. Tawny seems to have Daniella trapped on a few different occasion, but the slippery and flexing Daniella is able to work her way free each time. Daniella also has a few chances, but you'll notice that she's a little worried about Tawny's counters, so she is not able to close out the fall. Lots of scissor action, a figure-four, plus an attempted grapevine highlight this clip.
2009-05-26 - Two New Andrea G Clips Added
Andrea continues her destruction of mouthy little J.B.  I don't know how - or why - he's still smiling, but Andrea quickly puts a stop to that. His screams are genuine.
2009-05-01 - New Model Added - Andrea G

KillerCrushes is thrilled to finally be back in action and especially pleased to welcome new crusher Andrea G to the roster. Check out 3 brand-new clips featuring this muscle goddess as she dismantles the mouthy JB. Her trash-talking and crush skills are sure to make her a fan favorite very quickly. 

2009-05-01 - Site News: Programming Notes

After a long hiatus, KillerCrushes is back and ready for action! We've finally finished phase one on the programming side, so members can now see and access all the available content.  There are still a few cosmetic tweaks remaining, but it was imperative that we get back to publishing content ASAP, so you'll notice minor fixes taking place over the coming weeks. 

There's still another major overhaul in the works, but it'll likely be months before we're looking at another changeover. For the time being, the site you see is the site we'll have and we're going to be certain to keep the fresh content coming week in, week out.

Thanks to all of you who've been so patient and we look forward to rewarding your loyalty with the best content and value anywhere in the world.  

2009-02-16 - New Elektra Video Added

KillerCrushes returns with another great Elektra vs JB video. When will he ever learn?

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