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Killer CrushesKiller CrushesKiller CrushesKiller Crushes
Killer CrushesKiller CrushesKiller CrushesKiller Crushes
Killer Crushes
Killer Crushes
Killer CrushesKiller CrushesKiller Crushes
Killer Crushes
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Killer Crushes
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Killer Crushes

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Celeste vs Missfit Tess

Celeste vs Missfit Tess

Can the muscular Missfit's huge delts and biceps protect her against Celeste's big, powerful glutes and signature reverse headscissor?FREE PREVIEW

21 min | 2.1 GB | 1080p MP4 | $11.99 Add to Cart Add to Cart

Jolene vs Nic: You Met My Rage!

Jolene vs Nic

We are pleased to welcome gorgeous superstar Jolene Valkyrie to the Crush family. The 5-8, 130-lb lithe, muscular pinup model makes her Killer Crushes debut in a competitive submission match vs 6-0, 190 lb Nic. There isn't a ton of trash-talking from Nic, but Jolene doesn't need any motivation whatsoever to deliver the beating he deserves just for daring to step on the mat with her. She submits him with a variety of chokes, scissors, and an excruciatingly painful grapevine that still hurts me when I think about it. And she does it all with seemingly so little effort, which just further heightens the humiliation. FREE PREVIEW

23 min | 1.3 GB | 1080p WMV | $14.99 Add to Cart Add to Cart

Rapture vs Ace: Competitive Women's Wrestling

Rapture vs Ace

Ace is skilled grappler, and at 5-10, 190 lbs of solid muscle, it's been difficult for us to find opponents that can hang with her. None of the women or men who've faced her so far has presented much of a challenge. But at 5-10, 165 lbs, Rapture is a heavyweight in her own right and is probably the most skilled fighter we've seen. She's in a class all her own. But is Rapture's skill enough to neutralize Ace's 25-lb weight advantage? If you're a fan of REAL women's grappling - with some brutal scissoring included - this is the video for you.FREE PREVIEW

14 min | 829 MB | 1080p WMV | $11.99 Add to Cart Add to Cart

Amazon Playtime: Ace vs She-Hulk

Ace vs She-Hulk

At a combined 11 feet 8 inches and 370 lbs of solid muscle, this is probably the biggest matchup we've ever had. 5-10, 185-lb She-Hulk is every bit as strong as her name would imply. She's a heavy equipment operator who pretty much dominates any room - or gym - she ever walks into. Baddest bitch on the block? More often than not, no one even questions whether that's the case. But "Ace's Place" isn't any old block. Up until this point, she's been undefeated on the mats, and when she walks in a room, people just know to back the fuck down. At 5-10, 185 herself, she may not be quite as farm strong as She-Hulk, but she's got years of technical fighting under her belt, whereas She-Hulk's grappling experience has been limited mainly to crushing unruly boyfriends. This video is not for fans of fantasy. This heavyweight matchup is for fans of HUGE, competitive women. FREE PREVIEW

15 min | 877 MB | 1080p WMV | $12.99 Add to Cart Add to Cart

Mila Malone: Say Uncle or I'll Break It!


Fitness model Mila Malone (5-4, 130 lbs) is the sexiest newcomer we've featured in a very long time. It isn't just the pretty smile or her deliciously sexy muscular body. It's the way she flat-out enjoys dominating guys. Poor Nic thinks he's in for a playful roll in a hay, but he soon finds his face being smashed between her powerful legs as she spanks him, crossbody pins him, and eventually tells him he'll have to say "Uncle" to be released. It was supposed to be a fun time, but the pain and humiliation she inflicts are real. FANTASY, non-competitive. Scissors, facesitting, crossbody pins, grapevine. FREE PREVIEW

22 min | 1.3 GB | WMV | $12.99 Add to Cart Add to Cart

Ace vs Nic: 20 for 20


Nic goes all out to prove why guys who can't fight shouldn't challenge women who are really, really good fighters. No spoilers here - 5-10, 190-lb superwoman Ace whups his tail for almost 20 straight minutes, even allowing him to begin with advantages to see whether he can score a single submission or pin. Unlike some guys, Nic is not a bigtime trash talker. In fact, he's normally quite respectful of all the women he wrestles. But there are those women out there who have no trouble dishing out a beating to a guy just because he's a wimp. Enter Ace, who shows precious little mercy as she toys with her prey from start to finish. I would label this video "competitive", except that it wasn't competitive at all. The only mystery is what the final submission tally would be for the 20-minute match. If you fear seeing bone-crushing scissors, I highly suggest avoiding this video. FREE PREVIEW

22 min | 1.3 GB | WMV | $14.99 Add to Cart Add to Cart

Rapture Rules


Sexy 5-foot-10, 160-lb Rapture headlines the cast of fit, muscular beauties in this medley of competitive fem vs fem wrestling along with a semi-competitive mixed match. In addition to Rapture, volume 1 features Celeste (5-7, 135) and newcomers White Lightning (5-8, 140 - you'll see how she earned her name, as I'd never before seen Rapture's scissors broken by a newbie!), Baby Beast (5-3, 125), and Kelli Crush (5-0, 130). There are grapevines and lots of strong scissors to go along with some intense grappling action and it's all too real as indicated by the fact that 2 separate falls end by retirement instead of pin or submission. FREE PREVIEW

16 min | 957 MB | WMV | $12.99 Add to Cart Add to Cart

My Ass Is The Last Thing You Will See

JC Simpson

Sinister squeeze sister, JC, is 6 feet of brutal blonde sadist. She has a special brand of humor, which makes the delivery of her brutal punishment even more humiliating. She totally emasculates poor Tony with a series of schoolgirl pins, facesitting, and scissors, forcing him to get "up close and personal" - against his wishes, of course - as she drives his head into her crotch. And when she gets him into a reverse headscissor, she taunts him by telling him "my ass will be the last thing you ever see". He thought he was headed to heaven, but she takes him to hell again and again, dominating him from start to finish. Oh my. This clip contains their first c4s scene together, "I Could Break Some Ribs" FREE PREVIEW

13min | 811 MB | WMV | $11.99 Add to Cart Add to Cart

Kelli's First Crush

Kelli Crush

19-year-old Kelli is a powerfully-built bodybuilder who makes her wrestling debut in this semi- competitive matchup vs Buffy's boyfriend, Joey. Once the new teen assassin discovers that she really likes to squeeze, Joey's in for a rough go of things, as she mercilessly crushes him with her thick, muscular legs until *she* gets tired. FREE PREVIEW

10min | 594 MB | WMV | $9.99 Add to Cart Add to Cart

Skylar Rene vs Rapture - Oh, You're Laughing?

Skylar Rene

Scissor queens Skylar and Rapture have been on a collision course for a very long time. Each has destroyed men coast-to-coast and around the world, but prior to this time, they had only ever lightly sparred with one another. It was finally time put the 2 of them on the mat to establish real mat supremacy in the women's wrestling world in a full-on competitive match.

12min | 717 MB | WMV | $11.99 Add to Cart Add to Cart

Buffy & Joe - House Ain't Clean


Buffy's boyfriend, Joe, is a wannabe MMA fighter. The problem is that he doesn't really have any ambition...or a job. So, because she truly loves him, she works 75 hours a week to support herself and him. She also has to make time to work out in order to keep her ripped body in top shape. All she asks in return is that he take care of the house a bit. She would do it, but because she's working all the time, she doesn't have the time or energy to come home and deal with chores, too. Seems reasonable. But unfortunately for him, Joe considers chores to be women's work, so Buffy decides to teach him a painful lesson he won't forget, as she squeezes him with her incredibly strong legs and applies her vicious grapevine, too.

7min | 414 MB | WMV | $4.99 Add to Cart Add to Cart

Brandi Mae vs Electra

Brandi Mae Electra

BIG bodybuilder Brandi vs fitness model Electra. The bigger woman probably outweighs the little fitness girl by 50 lbs of solid muscle, but Electra is lightning quick and knows some grappling techniques. Will that be enough to overcome Brandi's tremendous size advantage? FREE PREVIEW

36 min | 1.8 GB | WMV | $14.99 Add to Cart Add to Cart

Jennifer Scarpetta: Crushing Connor

Jennifer Scarpetta

There's only 2 minutes left in the playoff game and Connor wants to finish watching. Jennifer could care less - she's ticked off that he's been ignoring her and has been watching for an hour longer than he said he would. A fight for the remote control ensues and, well, let's just say that things didn't go too well for the little guy as his professional bodybuilder girlfriend crushes the stuffing out of her little ragdoll. FREE PREVIEW

8:08 | 415 MB | WMV | $5.99 Add to Cart Add to Cart

Mistress Matrisse vs Little Brian

Mistress Matrisse

She's cruel, vicious, and is only 5-2, 125 lbs. But despite giving up 10 inches and 20 lbs, Matrisse is a LOT stronger than Little Brian and proves it over and over in this video. Her humiliating laughter fills the room as he struggles desperately to free himself from her grasp. She ramps up the torture later in the match by refusing to let him go, even when he's tapped out. FREE PREVIEW

28 min | 1.5 GB | WMV | $19.99 Add to Cart Add to Cart

Elektra vs Tawny

Elektra Tawny

Elektra was undefeated coming into this 2007 matchup with Tawny the Teen Assassin. Despite giving up 30 lbs to the taller woman, athletic young Tawny proved she would indeed be a force in the wrestling world. With guillotines, armbars, and some of the most vicious scissoring ever featuring two Division I college athletes, this match became an instant classic. This is real, competitive wrestling. This video also features bonus leg wrestling and armwrestling footage. FREE PREVIEW

16 min | 825 MB | WMV | $11.99 Add to Cart Add to Cart

Monica Mollica vs Little Brian

Monica Mollica

Does the sight of small men struggling beneath powerful women make you tingle just a bit? Well, if you're a fan of total, one-sided domination in mixed wrestling, then you'll want to see this video. Swedish pro bodybuilder Monica Mollica makes her KillerCrushes debut in this one-sided domination of Little Brian. The way this babyface beauty taunts and teases him makes me feel sorry for him...almost.FREE PREVIEW

11:48 | 720 MB | WMV | $8.99 Add to Cart Add to Cart

The Crushing Of Chris

Electra Dominique

By all accounts, Chris - who is dating sisters Electra and Dominique - should be in heaven. Electra is a sexy, little 120-lb bikini model, while big sister Dominique is a gorgeous, young 150-lb bodybuilder. What's not to love about his life? Electra's been working very hard to get in shape and wants Chris to show some appreciation for her body. When he's slow to respond, she decides that he needs to get a firsthand taste of her power and crushes him out. After he recovers, he goes back to reading his magazine, but then BIG sister Dominique comes home and also struggles to get his attention. She pulls him off the couch for some muscle comparisons and teases him for not being as big or hard as she is, probably because he goes to Planet Fitness. She challenges him to punch her in the abs, can't hurt him, then puts him in pain with some punches of her own. She tells him he's sad for doing crossfit training, but then he tells her she's impressive, almost as interesting as his magazine. Big mistake. The crushing that ensues is nothing short of brutal. FREE PREVIEW

18 min | 943 MB | WMV | $9.99 Add to Cart Add to Cart

Tawny vs Mary J 1

Tawny Mary J

Mary J (5-7, 155) faces off against Tawny (5-7, 130) in this fully competitive match between two women with death-by-squeeze power. Although Tawny has more technical skill, Mary J has unbelievable crushing power in her quads and has way more upper-body strength than the average woman. After tons of painful bodyscissors and an attempted armbar, a painful headscissor finally elicits a submission.

5:45 | 295 MB | WMV | $2.99 Add to Cart Add to Cart

Kent Refuses to Learn Part 1

Picture Alt Text

While relaxing on the bed, the stunning Tawny is attacked by her idiot boyfriend who seems to have forgotten what happened the last time he made her mad. As punishment for his continuous bad behavior, he quickly finds himself trapped in a crushing headscissor and she's got his arm at a near-breaking point as well. Even the slightest movements send jolts of pain throughout his body, a situation Tawny thoroughly enjoys. He begs for release, and she shows a small bit of mercy, but the relief is very brief, as she quickly mounts him with a standing headscissor that has him in so much pain he can hardly move or speak....which brings another smile to Tawny's face.

7:07 | 432 MB | WMV | $3.99 Add to Cart Add to Cart

Kent Refuses to Learn Part 2

Picture Alt Text

Continuing his punishment, Tawny locks Kent up in brutal, bone-crushing reverse headscissor and once she tires of that, she lets him taste a few seconds of freedom before trapping him in a painful grapevine and then blasts him with a pelvic thrust. She then begins an extortion torture that's just excrutiating to watch. Why on earth did he mention Tawny's nemesis, Elektra?? Idiot.

7:37 | 394 MB | WMV | $3.99 Add to Cart Add to Cart
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