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Killer CrushesKiller CrushesKiller CrushesKiller Crushes
Killer CrushesKiller CrushesKiller CrushesKiller Crushes
Killer Crushes
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Killer Crushes
Computer Requirements HD file sizes are quite large and will consume a lot of memory. A good video card and at least 1GB of RAM should be considered a requirement to play this video. Shared video memory should work if you have enough RAM memory. DO NOT try and stream this file. Download it first then play it. If the video stutters you might not have enough available memory and might have to close other programs.
Killer Crushes
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This page lists all the KillerCrushes updates. Check back here often to see what's new at KillerCrushes!

2009-01-23 - Two New Tawny Clips Added

Tawny continues to put the crush on Amanda in today's update.

2009-01-18 - New Tawny Clips Added

For fans of female/female wrestling - or one-sided wrestling domination - we've added two new Tawny vs Amanda clips.

2009-01-11 - New Mary J clip added
We've added another great Mary J clip today.  She actually came in last night for her second shoot this week.  Earlier in the week, she took on huge bodybuilder Sonya. and last night she faced Tara, another big bodybuilder. 
2009-01-10 - Site News: Programming Notes

Things are proceeding well enough on the programming front.  Although the system we're installing is very complex (one reason it takes so long to install), it will greatly enhance viewers enjoyment of our site. 

We appreciate everyone's patience and hope that you'll continue to enjoy the nice, long clips in the updates while we work to get everything on the site fixed.   

2009-01-06 - VISA Now Accepted at
We're pleased to announce that VISA is now an accepted form of payment. 
2009-01-05 - Elektra dominates JB
Elektra loves to squeeze her little JB. He's a big smack-talker, but she crushes his mouth closed, over and over.
2009-01-04 - Tawny's Here!

KillerCrushes is pleased to present the first KC clip of the lovely and talented Tawny, the Teen Assassin. She's 21 now, but crushing stronger than ever. In this clip, she runs into her toughest foe yet, though - the equally skilled and perhaps even more brutal Daniella. Don't let her good looks or sweet smile fool you - like Tawny, she's a killer.

I don't think you'll find a more evenly matched pairing this year among highly skilled women wrestlers.

2009-01-02 - Site News: Programming notes, VISA signups

As some of you have noted, we've got some lingering programming concerns to sort out.  The good news is that we've contracted the right team to get the job done, but the bad news is that it's going to probably take at least 4 weeks (possibly longer) to get everything fixed. 

For now, when you click on a model's thumbnail on the front page, you will be taken either to her profile page or to her video listing page. 

When you're on a profile page, if you'd like to access the video listing page for that model, you will need to click on her photo on that page.  Then, to view the videos themselves, you will need to right-click on the appropriate link (low-res or HD), download the file to your computer's hard drive, and then view it from there.  We are not currently set up with a streaming viewer. 

For those of you who wish to sign up using VISA, please be patient.  Unfortunately, they run a separate approval process for all new sites, and it could be another several weeks before our account with them is approved.  They don't provide any status updates, so you will probably know before I do once the VISA signup link is live. 

2009-01-01 - New Mary J clip added

We're kicking off the New Year with a crushing new video featuring Mary J.

2008-12-29 - Natasha & Mike - Just a friend? part 1
Natasha comes home early and walks in while Mike is on the phone with another woman. Big mistake, as he's about to learn.
2008-12-22 - Sasha Squeezes Big Red - part 1
Newcomer Sasha is a sexy, muscular bodybuilder from the Deep South. In this video, she dismantles Red, a slender 140-lb boy toy from California. Schoolgirl pins, reverse head scissors, and vicious grapevines highlight this video. She also dishes out some of the most brutal dominating dialogue we've ever heard, and you will love how 'red' his face turns when his face is stuffed up Sasha's ass.
2008-11-29 - Julie and Daniella
Squeeze queen Julie loves to make her opponents whimper. See what happens when she faces newcomer Daniella.
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